An expression of celebration.

Music is the heartbeat of life. It's emotional. Music pushes us to new heights or grounds us when we float too high. Jason Levkulich captures that heartbeat, forever freezing the emotional rush of the moment.

From his first photo ever (Frank Sinatra) to the musical geniuses of Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson to Nashville's new musical heroes, Jason Levkulich does justice to concerts, rock stars, bands or artists whose talents and excitement touch our very souls.

Thanks for stopping by Rock On Photo. My name is Jason Levkulich. I’m a music photographer with over 15 years of experience specializing in music lifestyle, portraits and concert photography. If it rocks, I shoot it. I'm based in Nashville, TN and available for commissions around the world. 

I'd love to discuss how we can work together in capturing the essence that best represents you or your venue's artists. From photography to marketing to PR, I do it all. Rock On!"